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The Colgate Comedy Hour. 9/10/1950 – 12/25/1955 NBC. Black and White/Color. 60 minutes. Sept 1950 – Dec. 1955 Sun. 8:00 – 9:00. 11/22/1953 – First show to ever be telecast in color, as part of an test of RCA’s new color system. Every big name in comedy or music appeared on this show which presented rotating hosts.

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Widely regarded as America's leading conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones is also a political extremist and radio show host. One of the most controversial figures in the United States, Alex Jones has accused the US government of executing the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.He also believes in weather weapons and claims that Hurricane Irma could've been geo-engineered.

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In the late 1960's or early 70's in Detroit, two FM radio Stations simulcasted the same stereo music to produce four track sound over sound surround sound broadcast, that required listeners to have two stereo FM receivers, [four speaker set up on in each corner of a square and the listeners sat in the middle] one each on one of the different stations.

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1960s Country. The rise of the Nashville and Bakersfield Sounds, and the emergence of country legends ... These are the top chart hits on the day NASA released the first photograph to show "almost the en... Tony Award Best Musicals '40s-'60s. Great Broadway shows from a classic era ... Bill Gamble's Five-Star Radio. Our Country music curator's. 1. Television becomes a political force. By 1960, most American households had a television, and that year’s Nixon/Kennedy debate was the first televised presidential debate. For many Americans.

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1960s: TV and Radio. Television cemented its grip on American attention spans during the 1960s. The industry added channels and improved the quality This led to the founding of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in 1969 and to the airing of such quality children's TV shows as Sesame Street (1969.

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Adventures in Folk Music (1960-1969) Hosted by renowned ethnomusicologist Henrietta Yurchenco, the WNYC radio show Adventures in Folk Music ran from 1960-1969. Yurchenco's program featured. Listen to 60's live and more than 50000 online radio stations for free on Easy to use internet radio. A decade of great change - a decade of great music. ... The Sixties, also simply known as 60's, is a radio channel from the Dash Radios online network. It live streams 24/7, without commercials, the greatest hits of this.

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In 1995 a small niche site was inaugurated on the then-new World Wide Web. Over the past several years, with the help of hundreds of regular visitors, it has grown into the most visited site for antique radio collectors (source: Alexa ). Explore radio collecting with its seemingly endless variety of vintage sets. 1960s radio jingles' How Johnny Mann came up with the radio jingle in Jul 16, 2013 · This jingle, which capitalized on the increasing popularity of television, was a crucial element of JFK’s successful 1960 presidential campaign. ... Doo Wop and rock and roll is played in an upbeat style, reminiscent of the old radio shows of the 50's and 60.

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Steve's Radio and Railroads Website Tribute to WQAM 560 Tiger Radio: WQAM top songs for 1960: WQAM top songs for 1961: WQAM top songs for 1962: WQAM top songs for 1963: 1960's - WIOD underground music club card: 1960's - "When You Were My Girl" by Russ Samuel with The Vanguards and The Teacher's Pets on Art Records' AFS label.

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